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Barcode Direct is officially accredited to supply the Symbol MC3200 to Hospital Pharmacies and provide the support of a trained technician and our help line.   
i.nStock builds on the successful DOS Stocca PDE Application used by 100’s of pharmacies around Australia and interfaces into iSOFT’s i.Pharmacy module.  
i.nStock utilises Windows CE Technology from Symbol Technologies to deliver high levels of performance and reliability.  The Symbol MC3200 is the preferred device for i.Pharmacy.  
i.nStock consists of the following modules

  • Orders
  • Imprest
  • Stocktake
  • Requisitions
  • Returns
  • Goods Receipting

i.nStock MC3200 Bundle for i.Pharmacy

AssetTraq bundle

AssetTraq helps asset managers keep track of an organisations’ assets, static and mobile, and key information such as safety check dates and warranty.   

The AssetTraq BHT303B bundle includes Scanner, Cradle, starter pack, software


Denso BHT8044 with Trim Prompts - Document Management


Excellence in business document management is what often differentiates a successful organisation from an unsuccessful one. Regardless of how it is represented, business and government information must be accessible by the right people, precisely when and where it is needed. To become and remain successful, organisations must properly manage their critical information from creation through destruction.
Rather than managing business information in isolation, the TRIM Context solution manages collections of related documents, preserving business context. This results in more efficient and effective information retrieval, increased productivity, and sustained business continuity.


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