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Complete range of barcode printers for every need

Thermal label printer

The fastest way to print labels, tags and receipts.

Mobile Barcode Printer

Ultra-portable to print receipts or labels on the go.

Thermal Receipt Printers

Mainly used where a customer receipt is needed.

Barcode Printing Software

Software that ensures accurate printing.

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Desktop Printer Range

Thermal Direct Printers.

Thermal printers use hot needles that leave an impression on the thermally sensitive paper. When the paper passes over the thermal print head, images or text is created in black and other colors through a process known as thermo-sensitive printing.

To print, the paper is inserted between the print head and roller at variable temperatures and select write patterns.

Thermal printers are fast, small, durable and perfect for transport. They are easy to use because they don’t disturb the workplace and have affordable cartridges meaning operating costs are low. The best feature of these types of printers is their speed which makes them popular for different applications including receipt printing, POS systems, retail, kiosks etc.

They are also popular in the medical industry and are used with applications such as heart monitoring machines.

Zebra ZD421203DPI


Direct Transfer – No Ribbon Required

203 DPI

4 Inch Value Printer

USB, Ethernet & Bluetooth Connectivity. Supports ZPL & EPL.

Zebra ZD421203DPI


Thermal Transfer label printer, Thermal Transfer

203 DPI

4 Inch Value Printer

USB, Ethernet, & Bluetooth Connectivity. Supports ZPL & EPL

Honeywell PC45D

Honeywell Printer PC45D DT 203DPI ETH

Brother TD-4420TN

Brother Printer TD-4420TN 203DPI TT ETH


TSC TE210 4″ Label Printer Direct Thermal + Thermal Transfer 203dpi USB Ethernet

Zebra Midrange ZT411


Thin Barcode

Mobile Barcode Printers

Small mobile barcode printers are used to print receipts or labels on the go. Ultra-portable.

Many mobile barcode printers allow for connections to PDAs, Laptops and smartphones is via Bluetooth, Wireless 802.11b/g, or USB.

Here at Barcodes Direct we are dedicated to providing the latest technology in mobile printers for your business needs, such as durable and high quality label & receipt mobile printers that are battery operated with enough power to support a full shift’s worth of printing!

Our range of thermal mobile label and receipt printers allow for on-the-go printing in a number of environments. Whether you have sales staff or industrial workers labelling equipment, print with the speed, accuracy, and quality necessary to reduce costs associated with downtime.

Our compact, durable and lightweight label printers are the most reliable mobile printing solutions on the market. The range offers the best in technology, from receipt printing to barcode scanning with an easy Bluetooth connection.


TSC TDM30 Series 3-Inch Performance Thermal Direct Mobile Printer WIFI/Bluetooth


Honeywell Mobile Printer RP2F 2 INCH BT USB NFC

Zebra ZQ610

Zebra Mobile Printer ZQ610 PLUS 2IN BT4/WLAN

Thin Barcode

Thermal Receipt Printers

Mainly used in environments such as point of sale and libraries, where a customer receipt is needed.

These applications often require a logo and other graphic information; they need fast print speed and quick and simple paper replacement. We can also provide receipt paper rolls.

When connected to a computer, receipt printers receive data from the point of sales software running on the computer. The data is transmitted through the printer’s device driver and then printed on paper.

Barcode Direct provides customers with the latest best-selling thermal receipt printers. These are fast, long lasting and simple to use. They are suited for retail, hospitality and restaurants as they provide a compact form with sharp printing quality for high clarity receipts using heat printing technology.

If you are looking for a cheap, reliable receipt printing solution you can’t go past one of our thermal receipt printers.

Epson TM-T88V1

Epson TM-T88V1

Revolutionary receipt printer with advanced connectivity & cloud support.

Connects to multiple devices simultaneously. Print from web-based applications, plus easy printing from mobile devices. Ultra fast transaction times, with advanced paper-saving functions.

Receipt paper rolls

POS Receipt Paper 80m (L) x 80mm (W) – Thermal Paper

Boxes of 24 rolls, white (other available on special order).

Thin Barcode

Barcode Printing Software

Professional, easy to use barcode printing software that ensures consistent and accurate printing.

With our Barcode printing software, you can create any kind of design labels. Print simple barcodes and complex designs professionally with just a few clicks! Your label will include your company logo or data from databases, images and cliparts for the most professional finish to your product packaging.

Our software is a tool that enables organisations around Australia to improve safety, security, efficiency and compliance. It’s also designed with simplicity in mind so no one has an excuse not to use it!

With our advanced software from Bartender and Zebra, complex tasks are now so much easier and faster. Discover just how simple barcodes can be with the proper software.

BarTender Barcode Labelling Software

Seagull Bartender – BarTender®

Seagull Bartender – BarTender® software enables the design, creation and automation of printing and control of labels, barcodes, RFID tags and plastic cards.

There are four editions of Bartender:
Create (Design and Print) – Basic edition
Create (Design and Print) – Professional edition
Create & Automate (Design, Print and Control) – Automation edition
Create & Automate (Design, Print and Control) – Enterprise Automation

(Please note that Print Only editions have been discontinued as of BarTender 2016.)

Zebra Designer Pro

Zebra Designer Pro V3

Zebra Designer Pro v3 – allows simple creation of labels based on fixed or variable data, enhancing your printer’s capabilities.

  • Windows-based interface
  • WYSIWYG label designer
  • Database Connectivity
  • RFID capabilities

ZebraNet printserver II – allows your Zebra printer to integrate to your network, for easy connection and management.

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