Nowhere is barcoding more valuable than in Healthcare.

Hospitals, pathology labs and pharmacies face the challenge of tracking thousands of items of inventory every day - including medications, equipment and samples - knowing that the slightest error could mean a significant difference in patient outcome. It is essential that they correctly identify patients, to ensure that the treatment is delivered to the correct person.

Barcodes are crucial to the smooth, efficient and safe running of healthcare facilities, enabling:

  • Patient validation – patient wristbands are used to ensure that the right patient is being given the right treatment and medications.  
  • Equipment tracking – barcodes help to track equipment, ensuring that the right items are available when needed, that stock levels are monitored for re-ordering, and that surgical instruments are all accounted for after operating on a patient.
  • Tracking of samples – it is essential that tissue and blood samples are linked to the correct patient and that identification is not compromised by the conditions (e.g. chemicals, temperature, storage time) which may be a necessary part of the analysis process.