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Preferred supplier to Private and Public Healthcare sectors in Australia.


We help retailers track goods throughout the supply chain lifecycle.


Extensive experience supporting schools, TAFE colleges and Universities.


Decades of experience supporting NGOs such as the Red Cross.


Federal, local, city councils, police, and libraries – you name it!

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Healthcare Barcodes


Barcode Direct has been a preferred supplier to numerous Private and Public Healthcare sectors across Australia for the past few decades.

We pride ourselves in friendly support, fast delivery, quick responses to queries and extensive product knowledge. We do not keep our clients waiting for answers.

We have maintained many of our clients for over 20 years.

Our Experienced Sales Executives have extensive knowledge of Healthcare barcode labels, printers, scanners, patient wristbands and mobile devices.


We currently supply Pathology, Cytology, Histology, Specimen reception and Forensics with labels, scanners and printers.

Our attention to detail and knowledge of what label suits what application is second to none. We are experts in this area. Our responses are fast and we always answer the phone to answer queries.

Patient Identification

Barcode Direct are leaders in managing your patient ID requirements. We supply state of the art latest wristbands which conform to Health and Safety by Government.

They can carry the latest QR or 2D barcode and even a photo of your patient.

Barcode Direct will manage your stock flow making sure you never run out. We have hands on Customer Service and always ready to solve problems. We have secured the largest Hospital Group Ramsay Healthcare, using the Zebra Wristband Solution for the past 12 years.

Pharmacy Impress Stock Solution

Barcode Direct supply a PDT terminal with specialised software to Ipharmacy for stock replenishment. We also supply scanners and printers to Public hospital Pharmacies across Australia.

COVID-19 Vaccination Centres

Barcode Direct are supplying Patient ID wristbands and specially configured Barcode Scanners to many GP clinics and Hospital Hubs across Australia.

Medical Records

We supply Record labels on a State contract to all hospitals in NSW.

Food Services

Barcode Direct supply tray ticket Barcode Printers and receipt paper to Food Services.

Bio Medical Engineering

We supply Corded and cordless scanners to this sector.

Retail Barcodes


Retail relies heavily on barcode technology to track goods throughout the supply chain lifecycle and to ensure swift and efficient customer transactions. Manufacturers provide each product/variation of a product (size, colour etc) with a unique barcode identifier, which the retailer uses for ordering, warehousing, pricing, stocking and checkout.

Whilst 1D barcodes simply provide a unique number for the retailer’s own use, 2D barcodes contain significantly more information and are designed to be used by the consumer. They give the manufacturer and retailer the opportunity to provide information in formats such as images, sound, and website links and are a marketing as well as a logistics tool.

The use of RFID technology is growing in retail – unlike barcodes, RFID tags do not need ‘line of sight’ to be read, and multiple tags (100s) can be read simultaneously (whereas barcodes need to be scanned sequentially). Cost has traditionally been the inhibitor to using RFID on high volume, low value items, but as cost reduces, usage is expanding.



Educational institutions, from schools, to TAFE colleges to Universities need to provide a safe environment for students and staff. Technology plays a key part, with barcodes, magnetic stripes and RFID being used for identification and access control systems.

Educational assets of all types – from books to classroom furniture to equipment – deliver student valuable and need to be protected and shared. Barcode technology helps to identify and track these assets, ensuring they are available when students and staff need them.

Non-Government Organisations

Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)

The supply of blood and related products for use in emergency situations is one of the core services of NGOs such as the Red Cross.

It is crucial that supply is 100% secure and safe, that supply is moved to where it is needed efficiently, that global standards are applied and that operations are financially sustainable.

Global standard barcodes are used to identify, and track all blood products, along with labelling technology that can withstand the conditions encountered during testing, transportation and delivery to the field.



Government organisations – federal, local, city councils, police, and libraries – manage vast quantities of assets and documents which are essential to providing the service that citizens need and expect. Barcoding technology helps:

  • Police forces to track evidence inventory quickly and securely
  • Libraries to manage the books, DVDs and toys that enhance citizens’ lives
  • Government to deliver efficient rate notice scanning, document and file tracking, asset tracking & management
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