As well as scanners, we can provide information and product for the other components of a POS system, including:
Touch Screen, Cash Drawer, Magnetic Swipe & Cheque Readers, Computer Accessories, RFID.

Are the operator’s interface to the POS system for all non-scan elements of the transaction.

Touch Screens

A key element of system security, linked to the POS software to open only under certain conditions.      

Cash drawer

MICR [Cheque] Readers provide retail POS and financial transaction systems the ability to reduce fraud, increase clerk/teller efficiency, as well as further enhance customer service. They are fully customisable, and can be configured to transmit only that data on a cheque that is required, in the format and order that is required. Magnetic Swipe Readers can be used for customer loyalty cards and also provide an easy no-fuss solution for Time and Attendance, Library Book Cards or other high volume repetitive scanning operations. Magnetic Swipe Readers can read Track 1, 2, 3 or a combination, which depends on where the data has been encoded. They come in long and short versions:  the long style readers are recommended for the public as the whole of the card is in the slot before it is read and almost impossible to have a misread. The lower cost short style is more suited for staff who use the reader regularly.


Magnetic Swipe & Cheque Readers

Zebra GX430t - 300dpi


Radio Frequency ID tags are a highly effective way of tracking goods, from manufacture, through delivery, warehousing, shelving and sale.

Mini MICR Cheque Reader – with optional MSR

Small footprint, low cost cheque reader with high accuracy and dependability


MSR – short


Mini MICR Cheque Reader w/MSR

Mini MICR.jpg

ST8300 MICR Cheque Reader


Computer Accessories


The Datalogic 004 PS2 to USB adaptor is made to work with PS2 keyboard wedge Barcode scanners. Being made by a specialist barcoding company, its design takes into account the specific needs of a barcode scanner over a normal PS2 keyboard.

PS2 to USB Adaptor


54 x 86mm RFID label with permanent adhesive.  Comes with a paper surface for printing barcodes and human readable information.  The 13.56meg HF frequency is compatible with all systems.

RFID label



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