Scanners that are physically attached to hardware via a desktop computer, laptop computer, or an instrument. Wired scanners fall computer terminal into three categories - Laser, CCD and Slot.

  • Laser scanners are highly flexible – they can read a wide variety of barcode densities, from varying distances. They can read from irregular surfaces or even through glass or under plastic.
  • Charge Coupled Device (CCD) scanners are less flexible, but more cost effective, generally having a lower power consumption. They come with a range of interfaces (Serial, USB, PS2 Keyboard Wedge) and many have a "hands free" scanning option.
  • Slot scanners are very easy to use and therefore suitable for untrained users – this means they are often used in self-checkout, time & attendance and production tracking and progress applications.




These scanners do not need to be physically attached to a computer.  They communicate via a base station or communication cradle, using wifi or bluetooth technology, and can transmit live up to 100 meters. They are widely used in retail, transport/distribution logistics, parcel and postal delivery, healthcare and manufacturing.



  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), which are particularly appropriate for imprest requisitions, pharmacy, stocktake and warehousing.
  • Data Collection devices – powerful portable computers with keypad and integrated laser or RFID reader, offering high performance data scanning and processing capabilities away from the office.

Omni directional scanners have 20-25 scan lines (instead of the single line of other scanners), which gives the highest first pass decoding rate and therefore better reading performance. They are used in high volume scanning areas such as retail point of sale or circulation desks in libraries.


Fixed mount  

Fixed Mount scanners are suitable for environments with different package dimensions,  complex sorting requirements and varying barcode label positioning, and are used in low speed conveyor systems. They are also suitable for Time and Attendance systems. A tough outer shell makes them highly tamper proof.  Fixed Mount Scanners and controllers range from raster units that scan at 1200 scans per second at a range of 250mm, through to holographic scanners with up to 5 focal planes, range of over 2 metres and a scan width of nearly 1.5 metres.  They can be implemented in single or tunnel configurations on conveyors running at 3 metres per second.

2D imagers


2D imagers have the ability to read very small 2D barcodes, and are particularly suitable for DNA laboratories, Microbiology, Cytology and other medical applications. 2D barcodes can hold up to 60 characters , so are valuable in environments that need to store large amounts of information in a small space.

Multi-use scanners

These plug into a handheld computer, adding barcode scanning functionality.


Card scanners



Laser scanner with pistol grip and auto-trigger stand

Opticon OPR3201

Opticon OPR3201.jpg

Compact and light, to reduce operator fatigue.

Opticon OPR2001


Lightweight, ergonomic design

Motorola LS2208


single-Line, hand-held laser scanner.

Honeywell MS5145


1D USB Scanner with Flex Neck Stand

Honeywell Voyager 1250G



Lightweight and easy to use and fits comfortably in anyone's hand.

Opticon C37


Entry level scanner

Nexa SD500


Powerful linear imager.

Honeywell IT5600


Honeywell IT5800

Industrial image reader


Datalogic Touch65

General purpose scanner for document handling and retail.



Optimised reading performance through excellent ergonomic design.

A cordless hand scanner (CHS) that is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Datalogic GM4130



Datalogic Quickscan
Mobile M2130

Cordless STAR™ radio system for 433/910 MHz narrow band communications.


Honeywell MS9535

Wireless, laser bar code scanner designed for low to medium throughput Point of Sale (POS) or light warehouse applications


CHS 7M Class 1 Laser

A cordless hand scanner (CHS) that is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.


CHS 7E - CCD Scanner

A cordless hand scanner (CHS) that is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.


Bluetooth Cordless Bar Code Scanner - USB

Cino FBC780BT or F780BT


Cordless scanning

 Nexa 1800


Mobile Scanners


A lightweight, rugged mobile computer ideal for scan intensive environments.



Data Collection

Pocket memory scanner, automatically stored scanned barcodes.

Opticon OPN2001


Small and lightweight device, with memory to store more than 25,000 barcodes.

Opticon OPN2002


Opticon Charging/Communication Cradle

USB Communication and Charging cradle for use with the OPL97xx Series of opticon Scanners.


Metrologic Optimus S

A compact batch portable data terminal designed for retail and light warehouse data collection applications, including inventory and stocking.


Motorola P460

Suitable for collecting inventory and point-of-sale data throughout the retail environment. Allows you to key in data andkey in data and view captured data while scanning.

Phaser™ P360 and P460 Memory Scanners

Rugged, high-performance devices for batch data collection.


Denso BHT8000

A distance barcode scanner, a moving key keypad, and a graphics LCD display in a rugged and lightweight unit the size of a mobile phone

Denso BHT8000 .jpg

Motorola MC1000

Versatile rugged mobile computer for data entry and scanning



Motorola LS9208

Presentation scanner, omni-directional scan pattern for increased productivity

Honeywell MS7120 Orbit

Omnidirectional presentation hand held laser bar code scanner. Llightweight, rugged and small.


Opticon OPM2000

Omnidirectional barcode laser scanner.


Honeywell MS7120

Omnidirectional laser scanner


Honeywell MS7620

In-counter laser bar code scanner.

MS7600 Series Horizon®


Handheld omni-multi-line laser scanner.

Motorola LS4208



Opticon LMD1135

With autotrigger to read the barcode automatically.



Hand Held Scanner

Honeywell Xenon 1900


Hand-held scanner with custom sensor.

Honeywell Xenon 1902


Hand Held Scanner

Honeywell IT42


Multi-Use Scanning Device

Motorola DS6608


Card scannerS

Adds scanner functionality to a handheld computer

CF Scan Card 5E


Scanner Accessories

PS/2 to USB adapter to add USB compatibility to a PS/2 scanner.

P2P Adapter


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