Label Types

Thermal Transfer Paper Labels are designed to last up to 20 years, so are suitable for medical records, library spine labels and some pathology testing. They are printed using a ribbon printer.  

Direct Thermal Paper Labels are heat sensitive and will darken over 2 years, so are suitable for short term use.  Due to the risk of smudging, we advise against ribbon printers for this type of label.

Polypropylene & Polyester Labels are designed for usage in heat or water. Polypropylene labels are rated from -25 to +50 degrees and Polyester allows for more even extreme temperatures like freezers and boiling water; being rated from -40 to +150 degrees. They are more expensive than Paper Labels.

Pre-Printed Labels

Pre-printed barcode labels eliminate the need for printing equipment, staff to run it, and the management required to assure a quality label, whilst also ensuring you have access to the latest printing technology and applications. Available on a range of label stock, and can include sequential numbering.

Specialist Medical Labels

Extra Test (Aliquot) Labels for Blood Test Tubes
Available in thermal direct (shorter life span) or thermal transfer (longer life span) material in a range of sizes.
Sterilising (piggyback) Labels  
Specimen Reception Labels
These pre-printed sequentially numbered sets of labels can be provided on rolls, fan fold, pads, or your specific format.  

Specialised slide labels designed to withstand Xylene dipping.
Multi Cut Labels
A series of numbered labels, used in situations where you need to identify a group of items (such as a patient blood sample, divided into smaller samples). They are supplied as a multi-part set, either pre-printed and numbered, or blank for your own printing.
Cryogenic Labels
Designed for freezer and cryogenic freezer storage. Temperature resistance is from -196C (liquid+vapor phase nitrogen) to 150C. Cryogenic labels feature a synthetic polyolefin label with acrylic adhesive for good long term freezer storage, specifications are optimal for quality plastics (100% virgin polypropylene and non-siliconized).
Other Specialised Medical Labels
We supply Microbiology, Histology, Urine Test, Hep Plasma, DNA tube labels and   2 dimensional pre-printed labels.


Removable Adhesive labels have an easily removable low tack glue.

Permanent Adhesive has a high tack glue which is not easily removed. Some permanent adhesives are suitable for low temperatures/freezing.



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